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Synthesis  of  History  of  the  Camillians  Hospital  in  Thailand


The Order of the Ministers of the Sick , popularly known as  Camillians , is a Religious Institute founded by  St.Camillus. It  was officially  approved as a new Congregation Order in 1591 and given the name of  “ The order of the Servants of the Sick ”

This Religious Order had been developed and expanded through  out various countries over the world , respectively. In Thailand , His  Excellency Bishop Peter Carretto, Bishop of Rajchaburi Diocese had invited  the Camillian Religious Order to open its activities in 1951 as the Camillian  was well-known through all Catholic church for taking care of abandon  people.The first group of three Camillian Missionaries arrived in Bangkok on  21st January 1952. They started by learning Thai Language at Bang Nok  Kwaek for two months and proceeded to Ampoe Bann Pong, Rajchaburi  Province to work at a small health center and later on became the San  Camillo Hospital.

The first Health Center that the Camillian missionaries operated  had been developed gradually by expanding serveral buildings to support  the increase of needed people in Bann Pong area and the surrounding  provinces. In the mean time, the efficiency for caring and treatment has also been increased  through  the  upgrading of modern medical  equipments.  As a result the first health center of the Camillian Missionaries or “ San Camillo Hospital ” has been continuing in providing health services to people in Baan Pong area and nearby provinces for more than five decades up to now.

With the increase of members of Camillian Order , the activities have been expanded by renting a house at No.298, Suriwong Road , Bangkok on 1st February 1955 and served officially as Camillian Religious House  on 11th  April  1956. It functioned as a general clinic for treatment of general people in June of the same year by Dr.Pramual. However , the Camillians had moved  the  activities  from the house at  Suriwong Road  to a new location at No.254/19  Silom Road , Bangkok and started the service from 22nd  December 1957.  The Camillian  Order had bought a piece of land with the area of 4 Rai at Thong Lor  area ( Sukumvit 55 ) on  9th March 1959 and constructed a two-storey building to provide proper health services.The activities at the House at Silom Road were moved to the new location of Thong Lor in March 1960. The official opening of this new place,so-called “ Camillian Clinic ” took place on 27th October 1960. It was a grand opening with the witness of many honorable guests, representative of Pope from Vatican,H.E. the Ambassador of Italy to Thailand , Religious ,etc. They came to congratulate for the second hospital of Camillian Order in Thailand. At that time, it was the responsible of Rev. Albino Turcato upto 3rd January 1961. It was followed by having the first Superior of Camillian House. Within a short period of time, this second hospital became the center of Camillian House in Thailand. In view of the fact that this place was located in the center between several houses of Camillian and it was more convenient for members of Camillian came for meeting and monthly retreat as well as purchasing the needed items for activities of each house,i.e. medical supply,equipments, etc. Especially at the early period, this place was the purchasing center for all. In the mean time, it was also more convenient for the visit of many foreign members of Camillian. Most of them came to provide support for activities of Camillian in Thailand.

The second hospital had been further developed by obtaining more modern medical equipments  for better treatment with higher standard including  the building to support the increase of the patients. The third building had completed  on  30th November  1966. Some  areas i.e. Out – patients Department  ( OPD ) , Emergency Room ( ER ) and In – patients  Department ( IPD ) had  been renovated  and upgraded  to the standard of 25 beds  hospital  on 13th November  1967. The  fourth  building  of  six-storey  was  built  in  1968 ( It  had  been  destroyed  after  31 years ) to support the increase number of patients  of IPD. In 1975 the fifth building of  five-storey was built and the third floor was used for the office of the  St.Camillus Foundation of Thailand.

The Camillian Hospital has been working well continuing in spite of  the increase of number of patients. At the same time , the management  team of the hospital felt that there was a need to do something radical to  expand the hospital capacity to cope with the growing number of patients. The project  of  expansion  had  started  in 1980 and  completed  in  1986  which  was  the present  building.

During the operation of  the hospital for the  decade of  1990-2000 , the  hospital  had  increased  number  of  O.P.D. into  three  department  to  cope with the increase of number of patients. Our hospital  had  collaborated  with  the Government for  the Social Security Scheme since the  early  of this decade and three was about  a few  thousand members of  this  scheme. We are  proudly to  say that at present we have around  90,000 members under this Social security health care scheme.

We have been working hard for the last decade to provide good  services to our patients  in the possible of high standard.  We have been  recognized by  “ The Thai Healthcare Accreditation Institute ( Public  Organization )  ” for the “ Hospital  Accreditation ” on 21st December  2010. It  was  a good  achievement  for our hospital.

In spite of  the fact that there are  a lot  of new  challenges  in the  field of health care system nowadays , but  we are  not  in  any  competition  with other health care institution. Because we are always  in the mandate of  the holistic approach to our patients , we looked after all aspects of our  patients’ needs , physical , social and mental. We maintain the spiritual of  St.Camillus to provide services to patients.

What is the Meaning of the Camillian

Presence Nowadays in Such a Big Cidy as Bangkok


            It might sound a rhetorical question, but the social economic and cultural changes of the last few years render this, apparently, simple question extremely actual.

When the Camillians founded the Hospital, it was located in a rural area, and it was of great help for the local community, which was in need of, practically, everything.

The development of such big metropolis, in the last few years, caused the Camillian Hospital to sit in an enviable, and sometimes, unapproachable part of Bangkok, Soi 55, Thong Lo, on the central Sukhumvit Road.

We feel privileged to be in the centre of business and banking districts, yet we instill the very same principle, which brought us here at the beginning, in our medical and paramedic personnel.

We are not here for business reasons, and we certainly do not speculate on the poor people, or on simple workers who represent the majority of our patients.

Our mission has slightly changed, and is changing with the times, and nowadays we extend our medical care in a way which approaches patients in a more personal way, with great respect for the human need.

Our constant reference is the original spirit transmitted by Saint Camillus: “To take care of our patients, as a loving mother takes care of her child”.

We therefore take care of the clinical needs of our patients, practicing, at the same time, the utmost care towards the human and spiritual needs, which are paramount in a situation of discomfort.

As soon as our staff is selected, we give them clear instructions on how careful they must be when approaching patients, who come with different clinical situations, but also, and possibly more important, with different backgrounds and family situations.

We have also proposed to introduce a workshop on the basic Christian Principles, which helps our staff to better understand our mission, which is not limited to the clinical aspect, but must concentrate, also, on the human implications.

We have received the “Hospital Accreditation, HA”, on 21 December 2010.

For more information: http://www.camillianhospital.org/

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