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Curriculum Vitae of Director,Camillian Social Care


Name: Father Giovanni Contarin

Born in Riese PioX  19 November 1956

Ordained priest in 22 august 1982

Worked in Italy for two year as chaplain in Government Hospital

Stay in London from Nov. 1984 to June 1985 to learn English at St Patrick’s international school

Arrival in Thailand as missionary on 12 August 1985

Studied Thai language at Union Language School for ten months

On 18 December 2007 became a knight of the Italian Republic and entered the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity.


Contact Details:

Camillian Hospital ( Camillian Social Care department)

423 Soi Thong Loh Vadhana Klongtun Nua Bangkok 10110

Mobile:00- 66- 081-861-9427


Nationality          Italian

Qualifications         Diploma in Education-1975

Assistant in Nursing – 1979

Bachelor of Philosophy & Theology-1982

Clinical Counselling (CPE)-1983

Diploma in Communication & Media-1980


 I have spent 19 years (1992 to 2.011) in:

  • Community Development and mobilization in Thailand
  • Teaching HIV prevention training
  • Teaching staff and professional development
  • Developing comprehensive HIV/AIDS
  • Prevention and care programmer
  • Developing high level projects & proposals
  • Developing national strategic HIV/AIDS

Planning and policies

  • Strength among institutions
  • Develop budgets, negotiate procurement and set

Financial priorities

  • Raise funds through national and international Donors
  • Collaborate with public and private Organizations-local, regional, national and                                   International governments, NGOs, & INGOs

In the last five years I have been dedicate to fund raising, monitoring St.Camillus Social programs, international relationship and new projects developments.


Local Italian magazine from 1989 to 2000: Vita Missionaria: Camilliani in Thailandia ( 15 issues)

1996    -Management of Common Symptoms of AIDS in the Home, Su Chat Press, Sampran, Thailand

1993    -Living with HIV/AIDS in the Community, Su Chat Press, Sampran, Thailand1987-1991

Local Italian magazine from 2014 to present: In Thailandia (two issues)

Several articles in national and international magazines (see portfolio in Camillian Social Center Rayong and Camillian Home Latkrabang )


Professional experience

1987-1991                                            Founder and Director, Home for the Elderly, Sampran, Thailand

  • Administered a 120-bed hospice to care for older                                                                                                                 Persons that were abandoned and alone

1991-1992                                            Chaplain at the Camillian Hospital, Bangkok Thailand

  • Provided chaplaincy services and pastoral care to patients in the hospital and in homes

1993-1995                                            Director and founder of PLWHA Relief Center in Nonthaburi

Bangkok Thailand (1992 to 1994)

  • Managed a center for the relief of people living with HIV/AID

–          Provided prevention training

–          Provided vocational rehabilitation

–          Raised awareness of HIV/AIDS in the community in collaboration with the government hospitals

1996-2011                                              Founder and Director of the Camillian Social Center Rayong Thailand

  • Manages a comprehensive care and support program for people living with HIV/AIDS   (PLWHA) including

–          Care for children and adults living HIH/ALDS

–          Prevention training and outreach program

–          Coordinate a regional PLEHA network

–           Opening of the  Independent Center for teenagers

Opening of ‘’ sharing for life’’ a factory for 20 people living with HIH/ALDS in Baanciaan district

2001-present                                           Member of the board of the saint  Camillus Foundation of Thailand Opening                                                                          the Garden of Eden, a rehabilitation center for abounded people in AIDS

1996 to 2013                                             President of the Catholic committee on HIV/AIDS

Bishops Conference of Thailand

2008                                                             Founder and director of “ Camillian Home’’ for  orphan children

living with disabilities

HIV/AIDS at Lat Krabang :

–           Accommodation program

–          Home care program

–          Community care program

2011 to present                                       Board of Camillian Hospital and Tresure of St.Camillus Foundation

of Thailand

2012 to present                                         Director of a new project for the elderly Korat

2015 to present                                         Founder of Camillian Social Care as a Camillian

Hospital commitment to support:

–            Camillian Home,

–            Camillian Korat and- poor

–            Patients of Camillian Hospital


2015                                                                 Develop a new project in Myanmar in the name of

St.Camillus Foundation

La Lettera di Vescovo di Verona

Thank you letter from Vescovo di Verona (Small)


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