Press Conference and Symposium “Promoting Elderly Well-being and Building Sustainable Aging Society in Thailand”[ Published: March 9, 2016 ]

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The St. Camillus Foundation is spearheading the private sector’s activities on building more homes for the aged in Thailand with its ever increasing aging society.

A press conference and symposium on March 9 presented a view of the  current situation of the elders in Thailand, especially the destitute, sick and abandoned ones. Varying topics on the subject were delivered by experts and special guest speakers.

Several speakers including lecturers with knowledge on the kingdom’s aging society, outlined the importance of promoting the elderly well-being and building a sustainable aging society in Thailand.

The speakers included Prof. Rapee Sagarik, Dr. Vichai Chokevivat and “ The Aged Foreign Community in Thailand ” lecture by Mr. Stefano Vecchia, Asian Correspondent for the Italian newspaper Avvenire.

Proving to be equally interesting were the individual experiences disclosed by Camillian’s Catholic  fathers, who recounted their decade-long years of care-giving for the elders including poor and abandoned people at their various facilities and homes for the aged in Sampran, Chanthaburi, Prachinburi as well as in Bangkok.

As a continuation of the St. Camillus Foundation’s dedication to caring for the aged, Father Giovanni Contarin, head coordinator of the activities for the past 30 years, announced that its latest purpose-built home for the aged is under construction in Nakorn Ratchasima, and will be opened in January next year.

Mr. Paul Scales, representative of Anne Maguire of the Irish Thai Chamber of Commerce, and Ms. Sribangon Pilachan outlined the modern features of the Nakorn Ratchasima home for the aged.

The press conference and symposium concluded with the awarding of special plaques by Fr.Giovanni Contarin and Mr.Lino Geretto to nine seniors for their commitment and support to the Foundation.

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