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Sponsor a Child Living with Disabilities 

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Support Children living with Disabilities at Camillian Home 

The Camillian Home for Children with Disabilities, founded by The Camillius Foundation in 2008 and located in the outskirts of Bangkok, is a non-profit organisation providing shelter and care for mentally and physically disabled children, including those who are HIV/AIDS positive. As well as providing education and rehabilitation programs for both live-in and daycare patients, Camillian Home provides a loving family environment which is often denied to those with disabilities and HIV. Social stigma, lack of support and poverty create barriers to treatment and acceptance - through advocacy and education in collaboration with government programs, other non-profit shelters in Thailand as well as community leaders in the area, Camillian Home hopes to eradicate the discrimination and neglect that many disabled persons suffer as a result of these barriers.

One meal donation                         5,000      THB

Child care (per month)                 12,000      THB

Care giver (per month)                 15,000      THB

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Support New Korat Project, the Home for Aged People



Ordinary bed & Air Mattress (one unit)                     25,000   THB

Bathroom (one unit)                                                100,000   THB

Bed Room Size 30 square meter (one unit)           250,000    THB                

Kitchen                                                                 1,600,000   THB

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Support Camillian Hospital 

Patient for OPD (One day doctor visit plus medical treatment)                1,000  THB

Patient IPD  (One day)                                                        3,500 THB

Medical Equipment (see the leaflet) up to      18,000,000 THB   

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