Training on Health Counseling for Camillian Hospital Staff[ September 1, 2015 ]

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Training on Health Counseling for Camillian Hospital Staff



Most of the chronic patients at Camillian Hospital are fighting with “Cancer”, HIV/AIDS and Sepsis and Septic Shock. Family is the key that drives the patient’s motivation to be recovered faster. According to the changes of living conditions after the hospital would cause stress and conflict within the family; such as financial problems, responsibility issues and time schedule, the family members are required to talk with the rehabilitation team for the advices before returning home. The rehabilitation team is performing with the purpose to help the patients achieve the highest level of function, independence, and quality of life possibly by their closest people.



  • Not all the staff are prepared for giving proper advices.
  • There is few staff who can perform for this matter, but the number of the patients is larger.
  • The patients have to come back to the hospital with delayed recovery, according to the improper care taking of the family.
  • The family is not adapted to the changes.



  • To be able to give proper advices to the family on the following
    • Identifying and explaining on the disease effects of the patient that would happen within the family
    • The importance of the family acceptances and supports
    • Realistic solutions with the cooperation of the hospital
    • Educational topics
  • To be able to prepare the family members’ mind.
  • To be able to make a plan for the patients and manage the care taking method with the family after return home wisely.

Actual Plan

  • Require the 5 representatives from each wards to attend for this special lesson.
  • The lesson is provided by Dr. TerdsakDechkong from Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public Health.
  • It is an outdoor training for 3 days.
  • Their performance will be followed up by the feedback of the family who has been advised.
  • Duration: Twice a year, the members can repeatedly attend if they want.


  • The staff can assist the family with the knowledge they have gained from the lesson. Also being able to adapt the lesson to the similar cases.
  • Family members of the patients feel positive to the permanent change of the patient.
  • Family members of the patients feel positive to the staff of the hospital
  • The patients have high possibilities to be recovered faster.


  • The patient and the family feel better with the change in their lives with the advices from Camillian Hospital.
  • The results of the patients’ recovery after being home.
  • Family feedbacks qualify the services of the hospital in the positive way


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