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Celebrated on Nelson Mandela’s Day with SA Embassy

On the 16th of July, we were honored to have had the opportunity to welcome the H.E Ambassador of South Africa and her team at Camillian Home to celebrate in advance the ‘Nelson Mandela Day’ which falls on the 18th of July.

It was a highly educational and insightful day for both our children and staff. The joyous occasion started off with a set of exciting games organized by the group for our kids, whereby everyone was able to participate and share fun times together. Simultaneously, the group also helped us repaint few of the old walls at our home so that it’s easier to publish and put up future artworks and paintings.

The most exciting bit of the entire day consisted of the group educating our children about the significance of the ‘Nelson Mandela Day’, with excerpts from Mandela’s life and how he strived to fight for the rights of people who were deprived of it, and which he eventually managed to achieve despite many obstacles and adversities along the way. It was perhaps important for our children to realize that everyone in this world is equal and that it is essential for us to look out, help and support others along the way.

After the insightful talk by the group, we were all treated to a delightful performance in the Camillian Home dining hall by our very own CM band and a visiting violinist. Soon after, everyone enjoyed their afternoon snack and the day was brought to an end in a wonderful and happy manner.

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