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Scholarship for Low Income Staffs’ Children

Scholarship for Low Income Staffs’ Children



Camillian Hospital is located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand that ranks the second city in South East Asia with high cost of living (source: The Economist Intelligence Unit’s), and it is more expensive when the locations are considered as business areas. There are many factors that affect the low-income staff; who are paid of 6.75EUR per day, live in the hospital area, and have children of 7-18 years old, so the hospital has to do something.


  • According to the national labor regulations in 2012, the fixed lowest minimum wage of salary per day changed from 3.37EUR to 6.75EUR. It has made the Camillian Hospital to cut “over time” in order to control the expenses.
  • The majority of low-income staffs are single parents and from the provinces. They have to rent rooms for their children to live with in Bangkok or leave the children with grandparents in countryside
  • According to the recruitment laws of Thailand, children under 15 years old are not allowed to do part-time jobs, which means only the parents can take care all the expenses.
  • Some of them have to leave or skip going to school because they do not have enough money for transportations, or afford some items and stationaries for studying.
  • According to the parents’ background, the children may have less inspirations to study and become careless to their future.


  • To support the staffs’ children who maintain good behaviors and good results from the exams to have a chance to study more.
  • To motivate the children who do not win to concentrate on the study for the next chance.
  • To encourage their children to be a better adult with quality in the future.
  • To help the staffs reducing their expenses that they cannot take care of.
  • To keep low-income staff in long term, avoiding problems related to the salaries level. This is a way to give financial support and avoid negative effect in the whole system.

Actual Plan

  • For scholarship:
    • Before the 1st semester start in each year (June), the staff who would like to attend this activity have to submit the copies of latest exam results and school report of their children to HR Department by the end of April. The shortlisted will be reviewed by the Hospital Director. The winners will be announced within May.
    • The following year, the previous winners will be checked if they can improve their results. If they can, they will possibly be able to win the scholarship again. However, if none of the previous winner have improved, all the scholarship will be given to the new winners instead.
  • For English Writing Contest: The topic of writing contest and the final submit date will be considered from HR Department. The shortlisted will be reviewed by the Hospital Director. The winners will be announced according to the plan of HR Department.
  • Duration: One Year


  • The low-income staffs have less worries on their children’s future so they can work happily.
  • The children can go to school and enjoy their time with the classes and friends.
  • Creating a better environment in the families.
  • Gain loyalty from the staff.
  • Thailand has more qualified people to be employed in the future.


  • The children have better exam results and better school report in the following year.
  • The children learn the topic for writing and English in order to win the contest.




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